To formally apply for our Conference, please complete the digital form below. Please be aware that you will need to download and complete the documents below and attach these at the end of the form:

Personal Information

This will appear on your Conference badge.
What is the name of the staff member travelling with you?
This should be the person coordinating your group, eg. Your Round Square Representative. Please feel free to write 'as above' if the School Contact and Staff Delegate are the same person.

Medical Details

Please include dialing codes (eg. +61 3 5971 6100)
Please include dialing codes.
Australian citizens only.
Australian Citizens only
Any disabilities which may affect the student's participation - or other concerns.
Past and present, eg. diabetes, epilepsy, surgery, fractures, head injuries, etc.
Please outline the medical program followed by you to treat this condition.
Please outline the medical program followed by you to treat this condition.
Please list any other information regarding your child's experience in or around water that may be useful to staff.

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